Zippered Leather Coin Purse, Small Leather Change Wallet- The Iris and the Flora

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I make these leather coin purses in 2 sizes. The Iris is a bit larger with 6" metal zippers while the Flora is a bit smaller with 5" metal zippers. I have used these coin pouches for years as a minimalist  wallet. All the credit cards can go down the middle. Money on one side and change on the other side.

They are crafted in beautiful  supple leathers, and features three compartments. They are great for taking along the basic necessities rather than carrying a huge bag! The smaller Flora fits perfectly into any pocket.

The lining is made from a strong poly-cotton.

**Note: The third zipper is on the back of the pouch. I always make it a different colour from the other two zips. This helps you to remember that in the front brass zippered pocket you have put such and such and in the back silver zippered pocket you have put some other item.

If this would not be something you would like please just let me know at check out whether you would like brass or silver zips for all 3 pockets.

Dimensions- The Iris-6" long x 4.5" tall with 1.5 " gusset [15 cm x 11.5 cm x 4 cm]

-The Flora- 5" long x 3.5" tall with 1.25" gusset. [13 cm x 8.5 cm x3 cm]

I’ve included a photo of the two of the pouches together to give you an idea of size difference,

yet the best way to understand the size difference is to compare the 5" and 6" zipper lengths.

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