Wide Handmade Genuine Leather Fashion Belt-The Double Ring Belt-Plus Size Available

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This wide woman’s fashion hip belt has 8" of flexibility, allowing you to wear it cinched up at your waist or slung low on your hips. It is one solid piece of vegetable tanned leather-that means years and years of wear!

The tip end comes through the final loop, through both silver circles to turn back on itself passing through the end loop one more time.
Its 1 1/2" width passes through most jean loops.
Go in style, a timeless design that you can wear years from now.

Now to sizing:
You need to measure your waist with either a soft tape measure or a string that you then lay against a hard ruler. [ No cheating!] Once I have that measurement I will know what to do. I am happy to make an extra long size. 

Complimenting this strength are the solid steel rings.

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