Underarm Leather Wallet Phone Bag, Double Shoulder Armpit Wallet

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This leather armpit bag is designed for people on the go. Wear this leather travel holster travelling, jogging or just when out and about. The leather armpit pouches sit up and under your arms. It is often worn under a jacket. This way, thieves cannot see where you are carrying your passport, phone, credit cards and other valuables and therefore, you do not become a target. On the other hand, it can be "fun and funky" worn over your clothing.

For an extra 10.00$ there is a detachable option which allows you to anchor both pouches to your waist belt. [photo of distressed brown shows these 2 loops]

Sizing- both side pouches are very adjustable. The slides allow for a perfect fit for both men and women

Dimensions are-upright pouch-7" long x 4" wide [18 cm x 10 cm] - will fit all phone sizes including their protective cases.
-side pouch- 5.75" long x 4.5" wide [14.5 x 11.5 cm