Magnetic Leather Multi Wrap Bracelet

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I've used 6 oz vegetable tanned leather for this thin leather wrist wrap. It only starts to look better the longer you wear it. The third photo is there to show you the colour choices that are available.

This leather bracelet is wrapped seven times around your wrist. The magnetic closure is made from zamak, also known as German silver. It is an alloy that contains no nickel. I have been using the magnet for years and it is strong and stays closed.

The sizing below is my bracelet size guide. If you are still unsure just convos me your wrist size when you place your order and I will be sure to send you something that fits.
Wrist treatment sizing:
Small fits 5.75"
Med. fits 6.5"
Large fits 7.25"
X-Large fits 8"

size-3/8" x 52" long ( 7mm x132mm)