Leather Fanny Pack, Leather Waist Bag-The Utility Pouch

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This listing is for my leather waist bag, utility pouch. Fanny packs are back! This is an updated version, just perfect for festival wear.

I designed this hip pouch with 3 separate pockets. The main pouch sits under the flap. Then there is a 7 “ zippered pocket as well, in the front and another 7” zippered pocket in the back. This back one is perfect for a passport when traveling.
An attractive part of the design is how the front of the pouch has a curve to the top edge. This helps make it sit comfortably off the waist but especially off the hip.

If you are someone who has used and loves the convenience of a leather fanny pack you'll really appreciate that this is one that will last you for years.

-tough leather NOT fabric
-strong, strong metal zippers-NOT nylon
-metal buckle not plastic

Now to sizing:
Basically there is 10”of adjustability in the strap because I designed it with a slide.
You still need to choose whether you are a small, medium, large or x large when checking out.
Small fits 26- 30” waists
Medium fits 30-36” waists
Large fits 36 42”waists
X large fits 42-48” waists

Size-8"across x 11" tall x 2" deep at the top [20 cm x 28 cm x 5cm]