Make-to-Order Leather Cell Phone Belt Pouch, iPhone 12 Pro Max Belt Pouch, Cell Phone Wallet Pouch -The Tommy Pouch

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I make-to-order this leather cell phone belt pouch from strong yet pliable cowhide and offer it in a choice of black or brown. It comfortably holds your phone [even when in a protective sleeve]. 2 other metal zippered compartments turns this holder into a wallet. Tuck credit cards and money out of sight.
A wide loop on the back allows you to slip the leather pouch onto belts that are 1 3/4 " wide or less.
A dome snap keeps your phone securely in place. This pouch truly holds almost any phone that is currently out there.

These are custom made to fit your specific phone.
At checkout you need to tell me the dimensions of your phone and it’s protective case. With that measurement I can make the perfect fit for you and your phone.

Dimensions- 7.5' wide x 3.75' tall x 1.25"-varies for different phone sizes