Leather Backpack Convertible to Purse, Knapsack Purse - The Bianca

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This convertible leather backpack has been serving numerous women well for years-many come back for a second one. This bag is all about using it off the shoulder as a bag or converting the straps into backpack mode. The leathers that are used for this knapsack-purse are strong yet supple.
The best thing about the bag is that when you are carrying a lot and have far to go you spread the straps and now have a balanced knapsack on your back.
Many of us use this purse pack for traveling as the zippered opening is drawn together when on your back, making it hard for pickpockets to get to the interior.

-1 outside cell phone pocket
-another outside zippered pocket
-3rd 8"interior zippered pocket
-adjustable straps
-strong strong metal zippers
-a light coloured lining lets you see into your interiors
-solid strong metal hardware

Size-at the top 16" x14" tall x 7" deep [41 cm x 36 cm x 18 cm ]

Designed for living, made to last!

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