iPhone 8 Plus Cell Pouch, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Cell Phone Case- The Ramona

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This Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus cell phone leather case is made for those of us on the go. The 2 sizes on offer accommodate most phones but I can custom make a pouch to your device size. Wear it walking the dog, travelling abroad, around your neck at work; wherever you need your hands to be free, yet your cell phone accessible.

There are many special features to this leather cell phone pouch.
-long leather strap that can also be shortened and worn lanyard style as a neck phone pouch
-credit card pocket on the back ( will hold more than one card)
-you can order it in Plus or Regular size or ask me to custom make your phone size
-rivets at the top edge for extra strength
-sewn with strong nylon thread
-you can order it with silver or gold details
-it is made with real genuine strong leather and will serve you well for years
-you can order it in your favourite colour


Plus Size- 4.25” wide x 6.25” tall (11 cm x 16 cm)
fits the iPhone 6,7,8 Plus, XR and the Galaxy S10 & S20 (regular size and the Galaxy Plus phones

Regular Size- 4” x 6” tall (10 cm x 15.5 cm)
fits the the iPhone 6,7,8, XS and the Galaxy S10e

Strap Length- 54” long or shortened to your preferred length