Handmade Narrow Leather Link Belt

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With this narrow linked leather belt I have revisited a theme from the seventies. The difference between mine and a belt found in a vintage store is that I can make for you any size and if your heart is set on a certain color just email me. I can track almost any color of leather hide. You have a choice of either a silver or gold buckle.
At its widest this belt is 1" wide.m

Now to sizing:
You need to measure your waist with either a soft tape measure or a string that you then lay against a hard ruler. [ No cheating!] Once I have that measurement I will know what to do.
Each belt is adjustable within a 7" range.

If you are buying this belt for someone else and are unsure about the size, just order it  a few sizes larger. It is very easy for someone to cut off some links if it is actually too long.