Dog Lovers Gift, Dog Training Leather Potty Bells

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This golden retriever dog bell is a perfect dog lovers gift. These are handmade dog training potty bells.

Eliminate accidents in the house. Train your dog to ring the potty bells.
It's easy. Every time you go to let your pooch outside-tap the bells. Your smart canine will quickly learn to do the same as the urge overcomes him. I've even had clients come back and tell me that their older dog has figured it out-hence the expression -you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.

These leather dog silhouettes will slip over most door knobs hanging attractively there while waiting to be used. The adjustable webbing will allow all breeds to reach the bells.
All dogs come with black webbing but when ordering you can let me know whether you would like a black, chocolate, red, cognac or tan leather dog.