Mechanics Leather Belt, Buckleless Leather Belt, Handcrafted in Toronto, Plus Size Belts

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Mechanics Leather Belt. This buckleless leather belt is designed for mechanics or others who do not want the hard metal of a buckle to scratch the items they are working on. Others want a belt that holds up pants but does not have any hard buckle pressing into their stomachs.
The belt is closed on the inside using two collar buttons, that are positioned facing inward. Two genuine leather straps are glued and then sewn together which when combined create 8-9.5 oz of thickness. A leather keeper loop holds the tongue of the belt in place on the inside.
The belt is 1.25" wide.

Now to sizing:
You need to measure your waist with either a soft tape measure or a string that you then lay against a hard ruler. [ No cheating!] Once I have that measurement I will know what to do.
Each belt is adjustable within a 7" range.
If you need an extra long belt just choose custom size and be sure at check out to tell me what your waist measurement i