Big Leather Handmade Backpack For Men

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This men’s handmade leather backpack combines great function with numerous pockets together with a sophisticated look.

Of all my back packs it is the largest. I've used it traveling, others have gone through university with it, and still others have transformed it into a diaper bag.
Men consistently buy and love this knapsack.

Flat against your back on the outside is a deep 8" zippered pocket. Along the sides are 2 more pockets. The inside of the main cavity is totally lined in my strong poly cotton lining. The buckles I've used are solid brass.
The two straps are angled and start wider over the shoulder to help distribute weight. The 30 " zipper opens the mouth of the bag nice and wide when necessary. What is more it is a two way zip so that you can have access from either side if the bag.

Size-The base is 13" x 5.5"
-Height is 16"