Leather Travel Holster, Travel Wallet, Underarm Passport Pouch, Shoulder Phone Halter

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This leather travel shoulder holster designed for travelling has a roomy pouch with 2 separate compartments that are closed with either a zip or a snapped flap. The leather pouch sits up and under your arm. The attached other strap travels across your back and wraps around your other arm. These straps are very adjustable. It is a very safe way to carry your passport, phone, credit cards, and money while traveling. It is often worn under your shirt or jacket. This way, thieves cannot see where you are carrying your valuables and therefore, you do not become a target. On the other hand, it can be "fun and funky" worn over your clothing.

Regular size fits most of us-height up to 6ft tall and up to 200 lbs.
Large is for heights above 6' and weights above 200 1lbs.
If you are unsure where you fit- with your order tell me your height and weight and I will know what to do.

Dimensions are-6" wide x 7.75" long x 1" deep