Leather Money Belt, Travellers Belt, Belt with Hidden Money Pocket, Plus Size

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Two options for the price of one. This leather money belt with it's long hidden zippered pocket is the perfect gift for any traveller. To the outside world you are just wearing a regular strong leather belt. No one realizes that hundreds of dollars are hidden in the back lining. 

The leather belt also comes with a removable buckle. It is 1.5" wide.
Would you like a leather belt that can last you for years and years? And, what is more, look better as it gets older? These travellers belts are made from one solid piece of 10 oz. harness leather lined in the back with more leather.
Complimenting this strength are buckles that are either solid steel or solid brass. From left to right-brass buckle, square buckle and roller buckle.

An added feature with these belts is that I attach the buckles using snaps. This way the belt becomes very versatile. You may have a buckle at home that you want to interchange with the one on the belt. Just keep in mind that the width of the belt needs to be compatible with the width of the bar on your buckle.

Now to sizing:
You need to measure your waist with either a soft tape measure or a string that you then lay against a hard ruler. [ No cheating!] Once I have that measurement I will know what to do.
Each belt is adjustable within a 5" range.
I specialize in making plus size lengths at no extra cost.
If you need a longer length, choose the custom option and then be sure at check out to mention your waist size.

Dimensions-1.5" wide

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