Personalized Leather Keychain, Embossed Leather Key Holster

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This personalized leather keychain is designed so that you can snap it onto your belt and hang your keys onto the scissor swivel snap. If you are not a belt wearer, you reverse the leather key holder and clip it onto your pant loop and snap your keys onto the leather loop. Keys will now hang down into your pocket without touching and wearing out the lining of the pocket.
Others use this to clip their portable coffee cup onto their backpack.

I am using a tough, tough 8 oz genuine vegetable tanned leather for these key chains. I am also offering different prices for different options.

Gold and Silver Plated Swivel Snaps-no personalization-15.00$
Gold and Silver Plated Swivel Snaps-with custom personalization-20.00$
Solid Brass and Solid Steel Swivel Snaps- no personalization-20.00$
Solid Brass and solid Steel Swivel Snaps-with custom personalization -25.00$ 

The genuine bridle leather colours are-

Dimensions-1" wide x 5" long