Leather Work Apron for Baristas, Hair Stylists, Artists and Others

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This strong leather work apron is made to serve. The leather I have used is strong yet supple.

Some features:
-phone pocket with flap so it won't fall out when bending over
-adjustable at the neck edge with 3 snap settings
-adjustable at the waist
- adjustable in the back for height
-comb and or tool pockets
-free custom monogram or name- just let me know at check out, what word it is that you would like
-strong metal hardware

My aprons come in 2 versions

HEAVY DUTY- thick and tough for those of us working with fire and or very sharp objects- welders, blacksmiths, machinists to name a few that choose this version. For this version choose from the group of four swatches- textured brown-heavy, textured black-heavy, smooth brown-heavy, smooth black-heavy.

REGULAR DUTY- still strong leather just not quite as thick- for the rest of us-carpenters, barbers, baristas and hairstylists to name just a few who are ordering this version.
For this version choose from the group of 5 swatches-from left to right-medium brown, textured tobacco, dark brown, textured brown, grainy black.

Often my clients have their own pocket requirements. If you have specific pocket ideas and needs, draw them out take a photo and send them to me. I'm pretty sure I can accommodate them.

I can source almost any color of leather. Is there a colour you would love to have? Some people worry about leather and water. No need here. Just let the apron air dry and

it'll be just fine.

Dimensions-33" long (84 cm) x 25" wide (64cm)