Handcrafted, Casual Leather Belt Closed with a Medieval Buckle-1.25" Wide

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This listing is for a 1.25" wide handcrafted leather belt. Unique to it is that I am using a medieval buckle style that worked hundreds of years ago and continues to work today.
Would you like a leather belt that can last you for years and years? And, what is more, look better as it gets older? That's what vegetable tanned bridle leather gives you and that is what I am using to make these belts. They are made from one solid piece of 10 oz. harness leather. Nothing is glued, bonded or pieced together.


Now to sizing:
You need to measure your waist with either a soft tape measure or a string that you then lay against a hard ruler. [ No cheating!] Once I have that measurement I will know what to do.
Each belt is adjustable within a 7" range.