3/4" Wide Webbing Bag Strap, Replacement Purse Strap, Narrow Bag Strap

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This listing is for a replacement 3/4" wide webbing bag strap. I make this clip on strap with a metal slide so it can lengthen to be worn crossbody or shortened to be worn off the shoulder. It is a 3/4” wide, webbed strap. I am choosing to use metal hardware as this is a stronger choice then the plastic options.

Do you have an old strap that needs replacing? Do you just want to change the styling for you bag? Are you making canvas, wool or cotton bags and want a strap for them? I’ve created this strap to resolve those situations. You need to be sure that your bag has somewhere for the swivel snaps on this strap to clip onto.

I specialize in real leather straps. In my shop you can find many choices of leather options. These webbing options are for those of us who want something less expensive, yet strong and serviceable.

I do this adjustable, webbing strap in 3 widths- 3/4”, 1”, 1.5”. They are made with polypropylene webbing and are adjustable in their length. Just find the listing that has the width you need for your situation.

At check out you also have to let me know whether you would like me to make the strap with silver, brass or antique brass hardware.

Dimensions-30”-56” long x 3/4 ”wide (75-143 cm x 20mm )