Clearance Sale, Big Matt Gold Leather Crossbody Bag-The Ella

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Clearance!! only 1 left! This bag is for those who love a matt metallic gold leather. The only reason this Ella is on sale is because it has proven to be a harder color to sell. Instead of paying $265.00 you can save and pay only $132.50 for a genuine leather bag. The second and third photo do show you a gray smudge mark that is on the side.

This big leather bag has many pockets and is for those who love compartments. I offer the bag in 2 sizes-large - The Ella and a toned down size -big [4" less wide]- The Louella. The last photo helps to show the difference.

Other than the size these two bags are identical.

The features are-

*5 totally separate pockets [4 around the outside, 1 inside]

*one of these can be a water bottle pocket

*Light coloured lining so you can see your things easier

*long zippered closure so that when the bag is opened, it opens wide so light can get in and things become visible with a 2-way zip.

*Adjustable strap so the bag can be worn off the shoulder or lengthened to be worn across the chest.

*Durable metal zippers.


The Ella -larger - 11"tall x 19"wide x 4" deep

[28 cm tall x 49 cm wide x 10 cm deep]