iPhone XR Leather Cell Phone Pouch, Holds all Cell Sizes

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iphone XR Leather Cell Phone Wallet, Leather Cell Phone Pouch
Believe it or not this small leather bag makes an excellent cell phone pouch and will hold most phones, including the new iPhone XR, some credit cards, $20.00, and a lipstick.
Passports and glasses and digital cameras also fit comfortably inside.
What else do you really need!
This pouch has a leather strap. I have another listing in my shop that is 10.00$ US less that is made with a strong cord.

-genuine leather
-3 separate zippered compartments
-strong poly cotton lining
-adjustable leather strap
-comes in 2 sizes-plus and regular phone size
-will also hold a passport
-removable strap
- available in your choice of color
-choice of silver or brass hardware


Plus Size- 5” wide x 6.75” tall (10 cm x 17 cm)
fits the iPhone 6,7,8 Plus, XR and the Galaxy S10 & S20 (regular size and the Galaxy Plus phones

Regular Size- 5” wide x 6.25 tall (10 cm x16 cm)
fits the the iPhone 6,7,8, XS and the Galaxy S10e

Strap is 52” long and can be shortened