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Clearance sale, only 1 left! This bag is for those who love tough slouchy brown leathers. The only reason this Ella is on sale is because it has proven to be a harder color to sell. Instead of paying $265.00 you can save and pay only $195.00 for a big genuine leather bag.

These photos are quick and not so professional. It allows me to create discounted individual listings as specific colours sell. For better photos and more detailed shots go to the regular priced listing.

This listing is for the bag shown in the first 2 frames, the other frames are just there to give you detail images of the style.

A big, big, leather bag is for those who love pockets and compartments.

You will love this bag if you like a large bag that can hold all of your "stuff"! The "Ella" bag features....

*5 totally separate pockets [4 around the outside, 1 inside]
*Light colored lining so you can see your things easier
*long zipper closure so that when the bag is opened, it opens wide so light can get in and things become visible with a 2-way zip.
*Adjustable strap so the bag can be worn off the shoulder or lengthened to be worn across the chest.
*Durable metal zippers.
*A bag designed for people who like Big!
*11"tall x19"wide x4" deep

A review from "Nun of a Kind"...."This bag is great! I love the fact that the pockets help keep me organized, and the light colored lining makes it easier to find the items that are stored in the main part of the bag. The leather is amazing, and the adjustable shoulder strap is a nice feature as well. I look forward to using this bag for many years to come!"